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Remit2India is the leading global online money transfer portal.

About Remit2India

Remit2India provides online money transfer services to India. It is the one stop destination for NRIs across the world when it comes to their money transfer needs. Adjudged the "World's No. 1 Independent Online Money Transfer Portal for NRIs" by AC Nielsen ORG Marg. It has won several awards amongst the recent being The Standard of Excellence Web Awards- from the Web Marketing Association 2010.

Remit2India caters to over a million NRIs with a presence in over 23 countries. It offers superior exchange rates and zero transfer fees*. One can send money to any account with over 87 banks in India across 62388 branches.

If you're looking for a convenient, hassle-free way to send money to your family, Remit2India is the best option. Unlike other money transfer services, you won't have to run pillar to post to ensure your money is delivered on time. You can be rest assured that your money will be directly credited to your beneficiary's bank account in India. If you have opted for the demand draft facility, it will be door delivered as a locally payable demand draft in Indian rupees.

Remit2India thrives on transparency and convenience for its customers.. Costs , exchange rates are mentioned with a clear explanation on their website, leaving no room for hidden charges. What's more the transaction fees are economical and the exchange rates are attractive. One has various options to remit money to India, you can choose from: Online ACH/Rupee Express, Check or a wire transfer.

A huge advantage of using Remit2India is that you can remit money in nine currencies, viz, U.S Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euro, Japanese Yen, Arab Emirates Dirhams, Australian Dollars and Hong Kong Dollars.

When it comes to security you can be assured that unless you personally authorize the transaction, the money will not be debited from your account. Additionally, if you need to track the status of your funds, Remit2India has an online tracker that enables users to check if their funds have been delivered to their beneficiary.

Keeping customers at the center of all activities, Remit2India provides a convenient 24 x 7 customer service that any customer can avail.

To experience the service and effortlessly send money to India , log on to:
Remit2India is the leader in cross border remittances.
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